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Cranford, NJ

Taking Lessons from the Greats

Posted: 613 days ago

If you are committed to becoming the personal best drummer you can be, Tony is the instructor for you. He is a star in every way and towers head and shoulders above most instructors out there. He will help you rise to a level of proficiency beyond your wildest imagination. But...you have to be willing to put in the work, absorb what he gives you and have faith in yourself.
Tony, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for taking Peter from regular old drum lessons at a local private school to the caliber of training, support, and motivation you have provided. Peter has a real chance to achieve his first musical aspirations and get into the college of his choice to study the music he so loves. We wouldn't be here, so close, without your astounding guidance and efforts.
Regardless of the outcome, you have provided Peter with the foundation, skills, motivation, and confidence in self to achieve anything he can imagine in the world of music. Eternally grateful that you, Peter's musical angel, stepped into his life when you did.

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