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Cranford, NJ

Beata Roefaro

Posted: 719 days ago

The universe has a way of bringing the right people into our lives at the right time. My son was finally starting to find himself as he discovered an aptitude towards drums. He sang a little, danced a little, had great pitch and rhythm but the drums catapulted him towards a new dimension in music.
And then he met Tony. Through a chance encounter at Sam Ash that seemed like it turned into a 45 minute drum lesson between them, a teacher and student found each other. I should stay a student starving for more found the perfect teacher. Peter's experience with Tony was transformative, as a drummer, as a musician, as a person.
Peter continues to find increasingly more confidence not only in his abilities as a musician and drummer but in himself. Tony inspires him to work harder, play harder, challenge himself, and persevere when his own personal challenges would otherwise drag him down. I can't say enough about how positive and powerful an impact Tony's guidance has been for Peter. We are grateful for the chance encounter that gave Peter such confidence and purpose through music. Technique, skills, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, and more - Tony delivers on so many levels in the most inspiring and caring of ways.

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