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Cranford, NJ

Tony is the Best!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 719 days ago

When I first started drumming I was taught the standard stuff, play this beat, hit the cymbal like this, but I was always hungry for more.
It was only after I met Tony DeAugustine, my drum instructor, that he showed me a new way of looking at the drums and making the beats and groove a part of myself. He taught me not to try to be like my music heroes, to look up to them and want to succeed like them, but not compare myself to them because they have “their own thing going on.” He always tells me to create myself and define that and to not be afraid to show it.
At first, it seemed like so much that he was telling me. I took it all in and didn’t take the time to look at it in pieces. For many weeks I would go to my lesson not thinking I could live up to his standards. It took a while; I finally understood what he said to me. Here was this great teacher telling me all I had to do was be myself and the rest would come. I had the spirit and the willpower, I just needed to tell myself to be patient and take the load that he was giving me.
There's this expression he always tells me, that I'm a camel and right now I need to take the heavy load of baggage (his teaching and knowledge) and one day I’ll become a lion and understand and be able to do everything he shows me. That’s not to say that I’ll know everything but that I’ll be able to take what he has taught me and be versatile with it.

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