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Not just a drum teacher

Posted: 726 days ago

Studying with Tony has done more for my playing than any else I have tried. During my first lesson he noticeably increased the speed of my single stick roll with one suggestion. He has not only helped shape my execution, but creates an atmosphere that is really an exchange of ideas. He has helped not just with the material he teaches but has contributed to the development of my own ideas as well. I frankly can’t say enough. Thanks Tony.
I have played with Hot Tuna, Jerry Garcia, Merle Saunders, Bob Wier, Tony Saunders, Steven Stills, Leslie West, Edgar Winters, Dreams (the Breckers), Jan Hamer, George Braith, Johnny Thunder, Wayne Kramer, Killer Kane, Cathy MacDonald, Doug Kershaw, The Offs, and Flipper.

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